How do I scrape emails from multiple LinkedIn posts via LinkedIn posts search?

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Use cases:

  • Extract Email Addresses from all posts mentioning a specific topic.

Need to promote your AI tool? You can scrape emails of all profiles liked posts mentioning the keyword "AI tools".

  • Harvest Emails from LinkedIn posts from a competitor.

Selling car accessories? You can scrape emails of all profiles reposted and commented on posts from Ford

Before You Start:

Step-by-Step Guide:

1. Locate the "Export emails" Button:

Search for posts on LinkedIn. Remember to Apply the "Posts" filter. You will then see the "Export emails" button on the top right corner. 

Example search of posts mentioning "openai":

Start the Export Process:

Click on the "Export emails" button. If the button is missing, the post may not have enough interactions.

Select Your Task Type:

For Email Addresses: Select this to find work emails associated with LinkedIn profiles from the post. Costs one email credit per email found.

For Profile Information Only: Opt for this to collect basic profile details without emails. Costs one profile credit per profile.

Customize Your Scrape Settings:

  • Task Name: Enter a descriptive name for your task.
  • Search results limit: Set a cap on the number of posts to process.
  • Roles and Limits: Decide which interactions to scrape (author, reposts, comments, likes) and set limits for each. If you are scraping from searches, there is a hard limit of 1000 for each role (repost, comment or like) for each post.
  • Email Preferences: Toggle off generic or personal email addresses if you prefer not to collect them.
  • Skipped Profiles: Enable this to keep profiles in Contacts even if they are skipped during scraping.
  • Duplicates: Choose to skip or update duplicate profiles in your account.
  • Tags: Assign tags to contacts for organizational purposes.

Review and Launch Your Task:

Confirm your settings and click "Launch the scrape" to begin.

Access Your Contacts:

The scraping will run in the background. You'll get an email once it's finished. To view your contacts, go to the Scrape section and click "View contacts".

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