How would you use my LinkedIn Sales Navigator account?

Eric Martin

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To perform certain tasks such as scraping profiles and emails from LinkedIn Sales Navigator search results, scraping employee profiles and emails from a list of company domains, and scraping employee profiles and emails from a list of LinkedIn company pages, an active Sales Navigator subscription is required.

FinalScout uses the FinalScout browser extension to fetch the cookies of your LinkedIn account, which allows it to perform searches on your behalf. These cookies are securely stored and not shared with any other users. FinalScout only uses your Sales Navigator account to perform searches on LinkedIn Sales Navigator and scrape the search results, and then use the information from the search results page to find emails for each profile. It won't use your Sales Navigator account to visit LinkedIn people profiles. This helps avoid your account being temporarily restricted by LinkedIn.

Using FinalScout to find emails of thousands of LinkedIn profiles each day is safe with this architecture. However, even though LinkedIn advertises unlimited searches and browsing with a Sales Navigator subscription, we recommend not using FinalScout to find more than 5000 emails from LinkedIn each day for 100% safety.

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