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Eric Martin

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The FinalScout browser extension facilitates the extraction of emails and profiles from LinkedIn Recruiter.

Scrape all profiles from a project (pipeline)

1. Navigate to the list of your projects > Select a project to view all the profiles saved within that project.

2. Select the 'Export emails with FinalScout' button to find emails for all the contacts within the project to your FinalScout account.

3. Follow the standard scrape process to create your scrape task.

 > Select the task type. If your aim is to extract emails, please select "Scrape LinkedIn profiles and find work emails".

> Configure the scrape task.

Task Name: Enter a name of your choice.

Scrape Size: Indicate the number of emails or profiles you wish to extract.

> Confirm the configuration of the scrape task by selecting the 'Launch the Scrape' button.

Scrape only the filtered profiles of a project

Direct extraction of profiles post-filter application in Pipeline is not supported. However, there is an alternative approach.

1. Go to Talent pool.

2. Utilize the 'Projects' filter in the left-side panel to refine profiles within the talent pool based on one or more projects. Implement additional filters as necessary to narrow down the profiles for extraction.

3. Once all the desired filters have been applied, select the 'Export Emails with FinalScout' button to extract the refined profiles.

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